Balenciaga Unveils AR Campaign for Limited Edition Collection in China’s Chinaverse

Parisian fashion label Balenciaga has launched an innovative augmented reality (AR) campaign to promote its limited edition 520 collection in China. The mini-game featured on its official WeChat account allows players to enter a virtual world as farmers wearing items from the collection and learn about regenerative agriculture to complete tasks. The campaign taps into the gamification trend and educates consumers on the brand’s agricultural strategies while providing instant gratification through limited edition stickers, wallpapers, and wish cards. By utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology in their recent campaign, Balenciaga is aiming to improve its brand image after wrong moves in the past and take advantage of modern technological advancements to establish its online presence and attract attention from the Chinese market. This campaign builds upon Balenciaga’s previous success with digital campaigns on WeChat. In February of this year, Balenciaga introduced a digital collectible campaign that highlighted their 3XL sneakers. To generate excitement around the 3XL sneaker collection, Balenciaga released 3,220 digital collectibles, or NFTs. Fans of the Balenciaga WeChat Official account had the opportunity to acquire one of the yellow and black 3XL digital sneakers without any cost. So, the newest campaign is further cementing their presence in the Chinese market. When we are talking about a marketing web3 strategy specialized for a certain region in the world, Balenciaga definitely knows what it’s doing.
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