7-Eleven Delivers a Digital Delight: Slurpee NFTs

Global convenience store, 7-Eleven, is taking a dive into the virtual realm, treating enthusiasts with a sweet surprise on ‘Slurpee Day’ by offering free Slurpee NFTs on the Polygon network.

The digital collectibles open up virtual 7-Eleven cups, allowing users to enjoy a variety of flavorsome adventures. Indulge in the tropical Pina Colada, embrace the electric Blue Raspberry, or savor the refreshing Summertime Citrus. NFT owners have the freedom to mix and match flavors, fulfilling the dreams of Slurpee enthusiasts while possibly causing a few dentists to cringe. To claim these digital delights, visit slurpeevibe.7-eleven.com, scan the QR code with a mobile device, and embark on a process where a plethora of Slurpee flavors await. Fill your virtual cups with icy goodness, experiencing an invent-your-own adventure where creativity knows no bounds.

Once you’ve crafted your perfect virtual beverage, seal the deal by hitting the ‘claim now’ button and providing the required details: your name, email address, and phone number. A six-digit code will be sent to your virtual Slurpee maker, unlocking the self-made digital asset that looks incredibly tempting to guzzle down.

As your digital collectible magically comes to life, a new wallet on the Polygon blockchain will be generated for the digital Slurpee designer, presenting the tokenized asset. For a complete understanding of the intricacies behind these NFTs, take a moment to explore the app’s terms of service, where every aspect is touched upon.

Prepare Your Digital Taste Buds: Get ready to tantalize your digital taste buds and welcome 7-Eleven NFTs into your collection. Unleash your creative flair and experience the famous Slurpee drinks like never before, all without spending a dime. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the delights of 7-Eleven’s iconic beverages in the digital realm.

7-Eleven’s foray into the world of NFTs brings a delightful twist to the virtual landscape. By offering free Slurpee NFTs on the Polygon network, 7-Eleven invites users to explore new horizons and immerse themselves in the experience of their favorite Slurpee flavors. Embrace the creativity, claim your digital concoctions, and enjoy the famous Slurpee drinks in a whole new way—completely cost-free! Let the virtual adventure begin!

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