Month: February 2023

Puma released NFTs to celebrate 75th anniversary

The latest NFT project comes from sportswear giant Puma, which decided to launch a “Super Puma” collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Continue Reading

NFTs in Bennet Supermarket

Bennet, the hypermarket/supermarket chain in Northern Italy, has officially launched a loyalty program based on blockchain and NFTs. Continue Reading

Alo Yoga plays with the strategy of exclusivity

Last autumn, Alo Yoga released the Aspen collection which consisted of high priced and quality 17 ski pieces such as jackets, sweaters and ski suits. Now, these physical items were paired with their twin pieces which unlock NFT benefits. Continue Reading

Zara sharing some love for metaverse

Zara has launched a special Valentine’s Day collection of digital items. The collection was inspired by different time periods and concepts: Continue Reading

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