Month: February 2022

Wrangler arrived to Decentraland

In order to celebrate their 75th birthday, Wrangler decided to create a special campaign with the musician Leon Bridges. The campaign is called “Mr. Wrangler”. Continue Reading

Victoria’s Secret in Metaverse

It’s not new that fashion retailers are heading towards Metaverse.
Victoria’s Secret is on the way, too.
This retailer is bringing lingerie to your avatars. Continue Reading

You can buy NFTs at Selfridges’ physical store now

Selfridges is now offering in their brick and mortar stores digital artworks as NFTs. They are for sure one of the first retailers doing that. Continue Reading

BigMac in Metaverse

McDonald’s is heavily preparing for Metaverse. Only a couple of days ago they
filled trademark applications for virtual goods, services and even virtual restaurants.
As this kind of request at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office takes between eight and nine months to review, we can expect some exciting news very soon. Continue Reading

IT company Fiscal Solutions is following retailers into Metaverse

Adidas, Carrefour and many other retailers are already in Metaverse. It was just a question of the minute when their service providers will be following them.
One of the first IT companies that is developing software for big international retails that expanded in Metaverse, too is Fiscal Solutions. Continue Reading

Your digital outfit matters – first Metaverse Fashion Week

Starting by 24th of March Decentraland is hosting the first ever Metaverse fashion week. Many of the worldwide famous fashion brands and thousands of visitors will be there. Continue Reading

For LVMH metaverse is too speculative

Not all retailers see the best opportunity in and around metaverse now. Some of them are rather waiting to see if it is just a speculative bubble or if it is a “real thing”. Continue Reading

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