McDonald’s Singapore Ventures into Web3 with Grimace Digital Collectibles!

Hold onto your taste buds and your digital wallets because McDonald’s Singapore is diving headfirst into the exciting world of Web3. And they’re not just dipping their toes – they’re bringing along something special: Grimace digital collectibles.

🍔 Iconic Tokens: Grimace Goes Digital

Imagine owning a piece of McDonald’s magic in the form of digital collectibles. It’s happening! McDonald’s is launching a set of unique tokens featuring their beloved character, Grimace. These collectibles are about to add some sizzle to your digital stash.

⛓️ Powered by Polygon Labs and Bandwagon

This isn’t your typical token drop. McDonald’s Singapore has teamed up with Polygon Labs and Bandwagon to create a memorable experience. With cutting-edge tech and creative flair, these digital treasures are set to shine in the world of Web3.

🆓 Free to Mint: Limited Supply

The icing on the cake? You can mint these digital gems for free! There are only 2,000 up for grabs, and they’re exclusively minted within the McDonald’s app. That’s right, your McD’s app account is about to get a stylish upgrade.

🎁 Unlock Goodies Galore

Owning these tokens comes with a treat – access to future perks and goodies from McDonald’s Singapore. It’s not just about the collectibles; it’s a whole experience waiting to be unwrapped.

Get ready for a taste of the future. If this campaign takes off, we might see similar digital adventures in other McDonald’s locations. The Web3 journey has just begun, and McDonald’s Singapore is leading the way. Stay tuned for more burger-flavored excitement!

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