Month: July 2022

Shopify is launching NFT-gated storefronts

Shopify announced NFT-gated storefronts as a new feature for brands, looking to make their stores more exclusive.
Once again Shopify is showing how innovative they are. Not only that their innovative business concept is perfectly serving the small and medium-size retailers, but also are the functionalities of their solution unique and very innovative. Continue Reading

Salvatore Ferragamo gives free NFTs

In their new concept store the luxury Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo is giving away free NFTs.
Continue Reading

Macy’s will drop free NFTs

The 10.000 pieces NFT collection will be droped on 4th of July. It shows firework bonanza and opens access to augmented reality (AR) wearables that can be used on select social media and video platforms. Continue Reading

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