Gucci’s Metaverse Leap: A New Era Begins

After months of silence, Gucci has embarked on a new era under the creative helm of Sabato De Sarno. Last Friday marked a significant moment as De Sarno unveiled his fresh vision for Spring/Summer 2024. Continue Reading

Walmart has recently launched what they call a “Supercampus” virtual experience within Roblox

This free-to-play adventure takes place on the Roblox platform and is designed to gear up for the back-to-school season. Continue Reading

Mango Partners with Union Avatars to Shape the Future of Digital Identity

Mango, the esteemed European fashion group, has taken a significant stride towards the tech-driven future by investing in Union Avatars, a groundbreaking digital identity platform specializing in diverse avatar styles, including hyper-realistic ones. Continue Reading

McDonald’s Hong Kong Celebrates 40 Years of Chicken McNuggets in the Metaverse!

Get ready for an exciting adventure in th

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the McNuggets® Land, a virtual world created by McDonald’s Hong Kong to celebrate 40 years of our favorite golden delight – Chicken McNuggets®! Continue Reading

Tchibo drives success with Tchiboverse

Tchibo’s “Tchiboverse” initiative, driven by interdisciplinary teams, has led to success in web3 technology. Collaborating with SAP for six months, they co-created a unique B2C Launchpad for NFTs, allowing companies to administer and evaluate NFT collections.

The Home Depot in the Metaverse

U.S.-based home improvement retailer The Home Depot® has entered the Metaverse. Continue Reading

Gucci and Yugalabs define multi-year collaboration

Less than 48 hours after the second trip to the Otherside, Yugalabs Metverse under development, Gucci and Yugalabs announced a very close multi-year partnership. Continue Reading

Aeropostale breaks into Metaverse

Fashion retailer Aeropostale has partnered up with MetaversePlus to offer its customers an immersive shopping experience with various benefits, socializing and games in metaverse. Continue Reading

Underwear brand Saxx launches virtual store

First virtual store of its kind powered by Emperia. Continue Reading

Walmart Land on Roblox

Wallmart has finished and released a full Roblox experience called Wallmart Land. Continue Reading

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