Month: April 2022

Levis is coming to Metaverse

Is seems that the strategy from Levis is very similar to the strategy of other fashion brands. Means offering digital goods as NFTs, creation of community and related entertainment. Continue Reading

Yves Saint Laurent wants to create own Cryptocurrency

Yves Saint Laurent is using Metaverse to extend their portfolio with financial services. Continue Reading

Tommy Hilfiger is creating „Tommyverse”

If a company files for metaverse-related trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office it’s a sure sign that a strategy is created and that the next steps are following soon. Continue Reading

The new area is starting: NFT spaces within retail stores

Everybody who is active in the retail industry knows what s store-in-store concept is.
This is now evolving to the NFT-space-in-store concept. Continue Reading

About You launches NFT platform

The German online fashion retailer About You is launching a new NFT fashion platform dubbed Hypewear
Usually Germany retailers are more conservative, they wait to see first, how trends are developing. In the mean time they are developing great strategies. Continue Reading

The first supermarket in Metaverse with NFBees

The first supermarket in Metaverse with NFBees
Some months ago Carrefour purchased land in Sandbox Metaverse. Now it is published what they are going to do with it. Continue Reading

Starbucks is just about to Start the NFT business

NFTs are growing like a rocket and Starbucks wants to be part of it.
This is an absolutely logical decision. The new business opportunities around NFT space can’t be ignored. Continue Reading

Wendy’s is coming to Metaverse

QSR Wendy’s is one of the latest brands just jumping into the Metaverse. The new virtual restaurant will be open in Facebook parent Meta’s Horizons World platform. Continue Reading

First department store in Metaverse

Selfridges created the first department store in Metaverse with more than 70 brands, artists and designers. Continue Reading

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