Month: July 2023

Lacoste Takes a Leap into the Web3 World with Dynamic NFTs: A Personalized Loyalty Experience

Lacoste, a prominent French clothing and apparel brand, is taking significant strides in the web3 space with the introduction of dynamic NFTs, offering personalized experiences based on user engagement. Continue Reading

Mango Partners with Union Avatars to Shape the Future of Digital Identity

Mango, the esteemed European fashion group, has taken a significant stride towards the tech-driven future by investing in Union Avatars, a groundbreaking digital identity platform specializing in diverse avatar styles, including hyper-realistic ones. Continue Reading

McDonald’s Hong Kong Celebrates 40 Years of Chicken McNuggets in the Metaverse!

Get ready for an exciting adventure in th

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the McNuggets® Land, a virtual world created by McDonald’s Hong Kong to celebrate 40 years of our favorite golden delight – Chicken McNuggets®! Continue Reading

7-Eleven Delivers a Digital Delight: Slurpee NFTs

Global convenience store, 7-Eleven, is taking a dive into the virtual realm, treating enthusiasts with a sweet surprise on ‘Slurpee Day’ by offering free Slurpee NFTs on the Polygon network. Continue Reading

Gambling Industry in Web3

The emergence of Web3 technologies has created a connection between gambling and investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. While the debate continues on whether investing in these assets is gambling or investing, the gambling culture in the Web3 space has played a significant role in introducing NFTs to the mainstream and fostering their adoption in real business models. Continue Reading

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