Month: March 2023

Web3 in France

The web3 ecosystem in France keeps developing very well. Brief research of web3 companies and companies with web3 projects there brings optimism about the future of web3 in Europe. The list of French web3-related businesses is long and it is enough to mention that some of the major web3 companies, like Ledger and Sorare, are French companies, as well as that the regional headquarters of Binance and are in France. France is also the country that successfully hosts two of the most important web3 conferences in Europe – NFT Paris and Paris Blockchain Week. Continue Reading

Why is Metaverse so important for retailers?

Is the Metaverse just hype, or is it perhaps a very important sales channel for modern retailers? Continue Reading

Gucci and Yugalabs define multi-year collaboration

Less than 48 hours after the second trip to the Otherside, Yugalabs Metverse under development, Gucci and Yugalabs announced a very close multi-year partnership. Continue Reading

Aeropostale breaks into Metaverse

Fashion retailer Aeropostale has partnered up with MetaversePlus to offer its customers an immersive shopping experience with various benefits, socializing and games in metaverse. Continue Reading

Web3 status of retailers and brands in Switzerland

We decided to take a closer look at Switzerland, the home county of the Ethereum Foundation, and research retailers and brands there to learn about for what purposes they are using blockchain technology. Continue Reading

Amazon starts in web3 space

Amazon is launching its own NFT marketplace. Continue Reading

Underwear brand Saxx launches virtual store

First virtual store of its kind powered by Emperia. Continue Reading

Walmart Land on Roblox

Wallmart has finished and released a full Roblox experience called Wallmart Land. Continue Reading

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