Month: June 2022

Puma is in the web3 space

There were many rumors about the Puma’s activities. First they changed their name on Twitter to puma.eth and then they bought many cat-NFTs.
At that time nobody knew what would come next.
Now at least Puma’s next step was made public. Continue Reading

Lacoste’s NFTs

In only 5 days, Lacost is going to enter the NFT space by launching 11212 crocodile NFTs.
There are 2 possible ways to get one of those great collectibles: Continue Reading

Carrefour did it again in Metaverse

In the beginning, we thought Carrefour was only “playing”, we thought they were testing the opportunities.

But now we think differently. Continue Reading

Yves Saint Laurent launched a virtual store

The virtual store launched a few days ago marks the start of the YSL Beauty DARE AND LOVE loyalty program. The store is showing featured products that visitors can purchase. Continue Reading

Chipotle accepts cryptocurrencies as payment

The Mexican food chain Chipotle with established presence in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and France implemented the feature in their POS systems to pay with cryptos. Continue Reading

Prada’s New Timecapsule NFT Collection

There are 100 T-shirts, designed in collaboration with artist Cassius Hirst, son of Damien Hirst. The NFT contains actually the unique serial number of the corresponding physical item. Continue Reading

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