Month: March 2022

Luxury Jewellery Brand Tiffany & Co. Acquires Okapi NFTs

Data from OpenSea revealed Okapi NFTs were sold for 115 ETH. Tiffany has even replaced the Twitter avatar with this NFT. Continue Reading

If you see big cat in Metaverse – it’s PUMA

Did you see that?
The name of Puma’s official Twitter account was changed to puma.eth.
And yes it’s the digital wallet belonging to Puma.

Continue Reading

Amazon is going to Metaverse

It was just s question of time when also Amazon would join this trend.
There are no official news or statements about their Metaverse strategy, but there is something else showing their intentions. Continue Reading

First pharmacy in Metaverse

We will have the first pharmacy ever in Metaverse very soon. The drugstore and health services company, CVS is looking to trademark its logo and to provide an online store, as well as downloadable virtual goods, including “prescription drugs, health, wellness, beauty and personal care products” according to the U.S. Patent Trade Office. Continue Reading

Metaverse is becoming colorful

The next retailer in Metaverse is Benetton. The worldwide famous Italian retailer started the digital retailing project in Metaverse. The idea is to transfer the Milano flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II into Metaverse. Continue Reading

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