Gucci’s Metaverse Leap: A New Era Begins

After months of silence, Gucci has embarked on a new era under the creative helm of Sabato De Sarno. Last Friday marked a significant moment as De Sarno unveiled his fresh vision for Spring/Summer 2024.

For De Sarno’s inaugural showcase, Gucci ingeniously created three virtual experiences, opening doors to a global audience. These immersive digital experiences served as a transformative solution when Gucci’s original “outdoor show” at Accademia di Brera had to be moved indoors due to unfavorable weather.

Gucci’s sponsorship extended to a public gallery exhibition, meticulously recreated in the metaverse realms of Roblox, Zepeto, and QQ, ensuring accessibility to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

In Roblox, Gucci Town was magically transformed into “Gucci Ancora,” drawing inspiration from Milan’s picturesque Brera district. Visitors were treated to interactive artworks and delightful surprises, bringing the essence of the fashion show to life.

Zepeto, a popular virtual platform in South Korea, incorporated elements from Brera and the fashion extravaganza, while the Tencent-owned QQ featured a virtual Gucci theater. QQ’s “Super QQ Show” is often regarded as China’s answer to Meta’s Horizon Worlds, boasting widespread adoption.

This strategic move underscores Gucci’s unwavering commitment to the metaverse and gaming, embracing new horizons in the fashion industry.

Gucci has recently witnessed significant leadership changes, including the impending departure of CEO Marco Bizzarri, who will be succeeded by Jean-Fran├žois Palus. Alessio Vannetti has also assumed the role of EVP and Chief Brand Officer, with a mandate that extends to overseeing the brand’s metaverse initiatives.

As Gucci forges ahead, it is clear that the fashion titan is determined to explore, innovate, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of the metaverse and gaming.

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