Lacoste Takes a Leap into the Web3 World with Dynamic NFTs: A Personalized Loyalty Experience

Lacoste, a prominent French clothing and apparel brand, is taking significant strides in the web3 space with the introduction of dynamic NFTs, offering personalized experiences based on user engagement.

Last year, Lacoste made headlines with the release of 11,212 UNDW3 Genesis NFTs, generating excitement among crypto enthusiasts and loyal customers alike. Now, the brand is leveraging these NFTs to enhance customer loyalty through a groundbreaking personalized experience program.

With the new dynamic NFT card, holders gain exclusive access to a curated range of experiences crafted by Lacoste’s innovative team. This immersive program not only provides unique rewards to NFT holders but also enhances the value of the NFTs, making them even more appealing to collectors.

Through the UNDW3 NFTs, users can embark on engaging weekly mixed-reality games, delving into the brand’s captivating history and storytelling. Lacoste’s physical creative studio team collaborates directly with NFT holders, involving them in exciting fashion challenges.

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Participation is encouraged as members earn points based on their community engagement, with a leaderboard showcasing the most active participants. Top-ranking individuals receive exclusive prizes, including access to limited-edition capsule collections and VIP tickets for events like Roland Garros.

Lacoste’s approach demonstrates the use of dynamic NFTs to foster customer loyalty, allowing updates based on user interactions without altering the NFT itself. The personalized web3 experiences and exclusive rewards create a deeper connection with customers and brand ambassadors, fostering increased brand loyalty and engagement.

As Lacoste continues to explore web3 possibilities, it sets a notable example for the fashion industry by blending cutting-edge technology with its iconic brand identity, paving the way for an exciting future in customer-brand relationships.

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