Tchibo drives success with Tchiboverse

Tchibo’s “Tchiboverse” initiative, driven by interdisciplinary teams, has led to success in web3 technology. Collaborating with SAP for six months, they co-created a unique B2C Launchpad for NFTs, allowing companies to administer and evaluate NFT collections.

Tchibo is a German chain of coffee retailers and caf├ęs which is actively driving innovation in the constantly changing digital world by bringing together interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative approaches through diverse knowledge and perspectives. This is evident through their web3 initiative, “Tchiboverse”, which was born out of a team consisting of marketing and IT professionals who have been passionately working on the topic of Web3 for over a year and are pushing it internally.

Their web3 journey has already yielded significant successes, including interactive web3 training offers and POAPs as confirmation for participation in learning courses. They also developed the prototypical first Metaverse Store and first prototypical approaches within their Loyalty Programme. These achievements earned them a lot of attention at an industry trade fair in Berlin, ultimately leading to an exciting co-innovation partnership with SAP.

For the past six months, Tchibo and SAP have been co-creating the first Web3 product for SAP, a unique B2C Launchpad for NFTs. This Launchpad enables companies to create NFT collections/campaigns via an innovative dashboard, administer them, evaluate them in the future, and provide customers with their NFTs seamlessly.

The first real-life test of the NFT Launchpad took place as part of Tchibo’s popular Tech Talks event, “Let’s Dive into Web3”. The event aimed to introduce Tchibo’s staff to the Web3 basics, demystify technical terms, and guide them through the process of creating their first wallet and the first transaction – a donation to a coffee farmer. The finale of the event was the first Tchibo NFT Launch, “Tchibo Royalty Club”. They successfully generated 1000 unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain via the Launchpad, and over 110 NFTs were claimed by the 130 participants. The golden NFTs received coveted merchandise, making it a huge success.

Such a carefully crafted web3 campaign, isn’t it?

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