Bucherer Acquires Blockchain Startup

If one of the biggest retailers of luxury watches decided to acquire a bloickchain company you could be sure there is a smart strategy behind it.

Bucherer is one of the biggest retailers of Luxury Watches and Jewelry.

Bucherer is actually a family business, already in the third generation. They run 70 retail shops all over Europe, as well as the UK and USA.

Bucherer just acquired a digital authentication startup: Adresta – the integration into the Bucherer group has already started.

Competences of the acquired company should be used to implement blockchain technology to provide fool-proof authentication services.  It’s like a further extension of the already existing “certified pre-owned” service offered by Bucherer.

Guido Zumbühl, CEO at the Bucherer Group stated:

“We are taking a few big steps forward in implementing our digital strategy with the integration of Adresta to offer our customers a comprehensive shopping experience. We look forward to integrating this innovative company into the Bucherer Group”

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