Cyberkongz as hoodies and t-shirts

About You, fast-growing online retailer partnered with web3 project Cyberkongz . Together they will launch the first joint physical collection.
“Web3 and thus NFTs will have a strong impact on e-commerce. We are well-aware of this change and seek to actively shape it. The CyberKongz project has always been our preferred cooperation partner as they have an extremely strong, tech-driven, fashion community. We are very excited to be able to design the first fashion collection to one of the OG (original) NFT Collections of our time,” explains Julian Jansen, Director Content at ABOUT YOU.

Physical collection will contain oversized hoodies and t-shirts featuring the well-known Kongz ‘Myoo’, ‘Owl’, and ‘Coco_Bear’. The collection is exlusively available on

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