PINKO takes its first step into the metaverse

This Italian fashion brand has decided to step into the web3 space by launching a meta-physical version of the ‘Love Bag’ – a bag which will feature 15 different variations.

The purchase of one of the bags gives you numerous benefits such as special offers, exclusive events and access to the PINKO VIC community.

As stated on their website:

“We have long studied the possibility of making our first move in the metaverse” declares Pietro Negra CEO of PINKO “clearly the industry is in a phase of great ferment and experimentation, there are no business best practices to apply. For this reason we have decided to give a digital voice to our ‘Inspire Woman to Play Bold’ mission statement and what better metaverse environment can guarantee us the possibility of expanding our vision of engagement for our consumers? “

Check out the collection and its benefits, as well as the roadmap of the project here:

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