McDonald’s Hong Kong Celebrates 40 Years of Chicken McNuggets in the Metaverse!

Get ready for an exciting adventure in th

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the McNuggets® Land, a virtual world created by McDonald’s Hong Kong to celebrate 40 years of our favorite golden delight – Chicken McNuggets®! The exclusive game experience, powered by Web3 Metaverse technology and developed in collaboration with The Sandbox, promises to be a treat for all McNuggets lovers.

Coach McNugget and Assistant Coach McNugget welcome you to the McNuggets® Land, where you can interact with your favorite Chicken McNuggets® turned into gaming characters. Not just that, you can take delightful selfies with them and share your gaming journey on social media, creating moments of joy for all your friends and followers.

In this immersive experience, explore the 40-year history of Chicken McNuggets® in a virtual art gallery, serving McNuggets® to virtual customers, and indulge in themed mini-games linked by the catchy ‘Please Share®’ catchphrase.

Randy Lai, CEO of McDonald’s Hong Kong, shared, “Rooted in Hong Kong for 48 years, McDonald’s has always strived to deliver innovative experiences and Happy Moments. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets®, we are excited to collaborate with The Sandbox to provide a fun-filled Web3 Metaverse game experience themed around McDonald’s for our customers.”

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, expressed his delight, “We are pleased that McDonald’s Hong Kong has chosen The Sandbox as a platform to celebrate the 40th anniversary of McNuggets, allowing users around the world to learn more about the famous Chicken McNuggets by entering the metaverse.”

Hong Kong-based metaverse studio, Pangu by Kenal, has done an incredible job of bringing the Chicken McNuggets® characters to life in an interactive way, making the experience all the more exciting.

By embracing Web3 technology, McDonald’s Hong Kong aims to engage customers even more closely, offering them real value and an unforgettable digital identity-sharing experience.

Sebastien Borget added, “Collaborating with a global brand like McDonald’s, with its extensive customer base, takes The Sandbox to a new level and brings us closer to realizing the ultimate goal of mass adoption of the metaverse.”

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