Zara sharing some love for metaverse

Zara has launched a special Valentine’s Day collection of digital items. The collection was inspired by different time periods and concepts: Continue Reading

Adidas is starting “Three Stripes Studio” 

Adidas just unveiled their newly formed “///” aka Three Stripes Studio. Continue Reading

An innovative way to work with influencers in Metaverse

Footballer Jack Grealish joins us in Gucci Town and this is how he is working with Gucci.

Continue Reading

Play web3 game and get real discounts for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein (CK) has launched a web3 game in which the player can get the real discounts. Continue Reading

H&M finally in the Metaverse

There have been several rumours about this great retailer opening its first Metaverse store. Unfortunately, they were all just rumours.

Now there is something in the Metaverse created by H&M: H&M Loooptopia. Continue Reading

When beauty meets web3

NYX, an American cosmetics company founded in 1999 and acquired by L’Oréal in 2014. has created GORJS, the 1st ever beauty creator DAO. Continue Reading

H&M on its way to the Metaverse

AR and digital fashion as a small exercise before fully entering the Metaverse. Continue Reading

Level shoes partner up with LANVIN to enter Metaverse

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Level shoes from Dubai has decided to collaborate with the French luxury fashion house Lanvin and create their first ever phygital editon of their Curb sneaker. Continue Reading

H&M opens its first virtual showroom

In order to strengthen relationships with their customers, media, celebrities, influencers, stylists, H&M has decided to create a virtual showroom which will be a place where you can experience fashion campaigns at all times. Continue Reading

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