Gambling Industry in Web3

The emergence of Web3 technologies has created a connection between gambling and investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. While the debate continues on whether investing in these assets is gambling or investing, the gambling culture in the Web3 space has played a significant role in introducing NFTs to the mainstream and fostering their adoption in real business models. Continue Reading

Unleashing the Power of Web3: Tchibo and SAP’s Journey into NFTs and Digital Transformation

SAP teams up with Tchibo, the renowned German coffee shop and online retailer, to create an unforgettable NFT experience. Continue Reading

Foot Locker Launches an NFT Collection

Foot Locker, the renowned sportswear and footwear retailer, is stepping into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with their brand-new digital collection! Continue Reading

Louis Vuitton Explores the World of NFTs with Exclusive “Treasure Trunks” Collection

In a bold move to embrace the world of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton is set to release a collection of unique “Treasure Trunks” NFTs. Continue Reading

Wow Bao is expanding its Web3 strategy

Wow Bao, a fast casual Asian brand, is expanding its Web3 strategy by introducing digital CollectaBaos alongside its points-based Bao Bucks loyalty program. Continue Reading

How Decathlon engages people in sports

Decathlon’s newest web3 project will have a purpose of engaging people in sports and activity with a GPS treasure hunt, in collaboration with Rockrider. In this treasure hunt, there will be 1000 free NFTs scattered around Europe.

Tchibo drives success with Tchiboverse

Tchibo’s “Tchiboverse” initiative, driven by interdisciplinary teams, has led to success in web3 technology. Collaborating with SAP for six months, they co-created a unique B2C Launchpad for NFTs, allowing companies to administer and evaluate NFT collections.

LVMH Launches Web3 Training Program for Employees

LVMH Luxury Group has launched a certification program called Web3 Fast Track to train its employees in Web3 technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Balenciaga Unveils AR Campaign for Limited Edition Collection in China’s Chinaverse

Parisian fashion label Balenciaga has launched an innovative augmented reality (AR) campaign to promote its limited edition 520 collection in China. Continue Reading
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